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The Abominations are normal humans implanted with amplifiers and administered chemical agents to aid in the development of psychic abilities, while undergoing telesthetic amplification sessions to become Replica Commanders. A golem’s creator, any necromancer of Ner’zhul, or any death knight can command an abomination if it is within 60 feet and can hear and see its creator. When killed, their bodies often contain various conventional alien items, such as alien power modules or alien epoxy. Symptoms of early psychological decay within the testing studies were incessa. It also removes all discernible sexual characteristics, leaving them with an androgynous appearance. Examples of abominationin a Sentence Some people view the sculpture as art while others see it as an abomination.

Abominations, Practices Abominations, To God Deceit, Practice Of For everyone who does these things, everyone who acts unjustly is an abomination to the Lord your God. HP < 75% ~50% chance. Calhoun resigned his position as Vice President to return to the Senate in 1832.

The artwork for this card comes from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game "Naxxramas Tokens" series, for the card Unstoppable Abomination. For example, if you see a neighbor kick an old blind dog that&39;s done nothing wrong, you might remark, "That kind of cruelty is an abomination! They are given as a low level Slayer assignment and can be found in the Taverley Slayer Dungeon southeast of the Slayer master, Turael (or Spria).

What are abominations according to the Bible? To ensure that they were never unleashed upon Creation again, Death kept the secret of the Abominations to himself, and built his abode right on top of the entrance to the Vault. Regular Abomination can also be obtained through the Highest Rank Bonus chest at the end of each Ranked season. Abominations are savage, humanoid cannibals. The Weebomination has a chance to drop from the Big Bag of Pet Supplies, the reward for completing the daily Garrison Pet Menagerie quest, 100 Daily Mastering the Menagerie. But in Leviticus 11:10-13,20,23,41,42; Isaiah 66:17; and in Ezekiel 8:10 sheqets is the word used and likewise applied to the prohibited animals; as also in Leviticus 11:43 sheqets is used when it is commanded, &92;&92;"Ye shall not make yourselves abominable. First attested around 1150 to 1350. · The Tariff of Abominations was the name outraged southerners gave to a tariff passed in 1828.

From Wowpedia: 1. &92;&92;"Shall we sacrifice the abomination of the Egyptians (i. Toebhah is even used as synonymous with &92;&92;"idol&92;&92;" or heathen deity, as in Isaiah 44:19; Deuteronomy 32:16; 2 Kings 23:13; and especially Exodus 8:22. The similar words, sheqets, and shâqats, are almost exclusively used to refer to unclean animals. dispose of the subjects.

The construct managed to wound Abaddon&39;s face, and he lost his right eye as a result of the wound. However, the invasive process of improving and attuning the subjects&39; psychic fortitude caused extensive neural damage to the candidates, causing them to regress into a violent animalistic state. Abominations were a playable hero unit in the early Warcraft IIIbeta.

Abomination is a term used to describe a shapeshifter transformed into a vampire. Synonym: perversion 4. . See full list on dragonage. &92;&92;" (Exodus 8:26). abominate +‎ -ion.

Abominations love ripping and tearing apart living creatures. 66 A group of time-travelling assassins from the time of the villain the Maestro —sent by an alternate version of the Abomination called "Emil"—arrive in the present, intent on killing Betty-6, a. Their guts spill from a jagged gap in their stomach, and flies buzz about it, feasting. The word most used for this idea by the Hebrews and indicating the highest degree of abomination is toebhah, meaning primarily that which offends the religious sense of a people. The word abomination is used generically as a reference to an improper sacrifice, idolatrous practices, sorcery, sin, idol worship, idolatrous objects, sexual immorality, etc.

At several points in the game, they can be seen attacking enemies and brutally slaughtering the. The Abomination is a minion that can be used both offensively and defensively. See full list on darksiders. Doublet of abominatio.

Shooting ran from August 23 until Septem. First attested around 1350 to 1470. The way that the abominations point and screech when they notice the player is a reference to the 1978 remake of the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers, in that the alien "pod-people" point and screech in the same way whenever they discover a real human. Abominations are twisted, mutilated undeadcreatures comprised of multiple dead limbs and body parts from many different corpses. What are the bodies of Abominations? Seven Abominations Unto the Lord.

Abominations are built out of multiple corpses of the dead, requiring blood and embalming fluids to preserve the parts and keep them functioning. Forging and Characteristics. Preparation ran from August 12 until Aug. Abominations are also exceedingly dumb, but they possess enough intelligence for rudimentary problem solving and task resolution. Just having it on the field will stop many strategies, particularly low-health minion aggro strategies, right in their tracks due to the deadliness of its Deathrattleability. These enormous warriors love to carve flesh and tear apart their enemies.

Word Origin Middle English: from Latin abominatio(n-), from the verb abominari (see abominate). &92;&92;" Then sheqets is often used parallel to or together with toebhah of that which should be held as detestable, as for instance, of idols and idolatrous practices (see especially Deuteronomy 29:17; Hosea 9:10; Jeremiah 4:1; 13:27; 16:18; Ezekiel 11:18-21; 20:7,8). The Scourge created them from bits and pieces of various corpses, and they served as powerful troops in the Third War. The feeling of the Egyptians for the Greeks was likewise one of repugnance. Abominations are large, strong, virtually brainless amalgams of animated corpses. Abomination in the Bible. The cave is southeast of Turael, and is near the Lady of the Lake. .

More ABOMINATIONS images. The Deathrattle is similar to Explosive Sheep, but damages heroes as well as minions. The animating force of. All were of either immortal or elemental origin and some shared aspects of both.

This card&39;s art depicts an Unstoppable Abomination from ABOMINATIONS the Kel&39;Thuzad raid encounter. Abominations are rare and usually created when a weak mage enters the Fade and is exposed to a demon&39;s ABOMINATIONS influence, such as during the ritual of Harrowing employed by the Circle of Magi. Sometimes, however, they contain items commonly found on the bodies o. Scrabble Points: 15. They are enormous warriors, scarred by loose stitchings and putrid, open sores.

They are seen in the sewer area, the sewers seem to be infested by Abominations while Reborn takes place. On this date, the Tariff of 1828—better known as the Tariff of Abominations—passed the House of Representatives, 105 to 94. This attribute attracted the attention of the Nephilim, among them Death, who saw in the Ravaiim the potential to create weapons of world-ending. Abominations are immune to Nature damage, so most poisons, acid flasks and acidic/acidic grease traps are useless against them. Abominations outwardly appear strangely joyful due to their absent-minded expressions and mannerisms, though this is most likely due to their low level of mental capacity. An abomination also requires a heart strong enough to pump sludge through its rat&39;s nest of veins.

1 Characteristics 1. Forsaken abominations guard Undercity and perform various tasks for their masters. abomination (countable and uncountable, plural abominations) 1.

Before the Nephilim. ‘Every police officer and prosecutor encounters a few such men: soulless abominations that delight in torment, betrayal, and wanton suffering. According to Calder Gray, the "abomification process" causes significant brain damage so it&39;s best to start with someone smart when selecting a brain for the construct. Only immediate medical treatment combined with the General&39;s own formidable power kept the wound from spreading further. (uncountable) The feeling of extreme disgust and hatred First attested around 1350 to 1470.

While it is possible to free someone who has been possessed, this is rarely done due to the risks involved in such an attempt. Three distinct Hebrew words are rendered in the English Bible by &92;&92;"abomination,&92;&92;" or &92;&92;"abominable thing,&92;&92;" referring (except in Genesis 43:32; 46:34) to things or practices abhorrent to Yahweh, and opposed to the ritual or moral requirements of His religion. See full list on wow. The Legends find themselves fighting for survival against Confederate zombies in the Civil War. Once a ABOMINATIONS demon possessed abomination is created, it will try to create more abominations.

Another word rendered &92;&92;"abomination&92;&92;" in the King James Version is sheqets or shiqquts. When it is said, for example, &92;&92;"The Egyptians might not eat bread with the Hebrews; for that is an abomination unto the Egyptians,&92;&92;" this is the word used; the significance being that the Hebrews were repugnant to the Egyptians as foreigners, as of an inferior caste, and especially as shepherds (Genesis 46:34). Three disproportionate, arm-like limbs emerge from their bloated body, two bearing bloody cleavers, and the other a thick chain with a hook on the end. An abomination in English is that which is especially deplorable, repugnant, sinful, corrupt, or depraved. At the last section, where the player fights ABOMINATIONS them in a circular chamber, if they aren&39;t all dispatched before the Remnantspawn is triggered at the bottom of the pit, the player will have to fight both enemies at once. As a 4/4 minion with Taunt, it can trade for at least a few weaker minions or damage a beefier one - and hopefully finish it off with its Deathrattle.

It includes the dissection of more than 10 bodies to be used as the abomination’s flesh and organs. "An abomination! See full list on en. When they are not wearing pants, it can be observed that they do not have genitals; this is either for censorship, or they were surgically removed for unknown reasons; possibly because of damage from self mutilation.

In Origins, abominations explode shortly after death, dealing minor area of effect damage. Calhoun of South Carolina served as Representative, Senator, and Vice President. Abominations are large created creatures, similar to flesh golems. More ABOMINATIONS videos.

outrage, bête noire, horror, evil, shame, plague, curse, disgrace, crime, atrocity, torment, anathema, barbarism, bugbear What is happening is an abomination. See full list on fallout. Powered by Oxford Dictionaries.

The creator can also. See full list on hearthstone.


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